At TCS Access, it’s our mission to reach a standard where everyone has the Assistive Technology required to complete their daily tasks, whether it be at school, work, or simple daily living. It’s important for schools and businesses to have proper AT implementation, which is where we come in, providing the services necessary to implement installation, training, and support.

The Importance of Having Assistive Technology

Many people are simply unaware of how a single piece of technology can create an environment that allows for equitable access. TCS Access provides numerous types of software and AT devices to support individuals with disabilities as they navigate their jobs, learning, or other daily tasks.

Simply put, this technology is available so everyone can start off on the same level, with no one being left behind or put at a disadvantage because of something out of their control.

Proper Implementation

The Assistive Technology you require for your business or organization will depend entirely on your unique workflow or tasks. Implementation all starts with a conversation, as we will help you figure out what you need to reach a space of equitable access. Just give us a little background about your organization, and we will get to work with making sure we can assist you with advancing organizational accessibility.

Our team has first-hand knowledge of methods and technology used for equitable access, and our consultation services will point you in the right direction of what areas need work and what you can do to accomplish your goals.

After we come to a conclusion of what is best for you and the people with access to this technology, we will begin making preparations to install this technology and provide the necessary training so it can be used efficiently.

Where We Can Raise the Bar

Our team strives to provide equitable access to people across the country, working together with businesses and organizations to contribute to making tasks easier to complete for those with disabilities. Examples of who we help include:

  • Federal
  • Commercial organizations
  • Community
  • Educational systems
  • Non-profit organizations
  • State and local

Becoming 508 Compliant

If you are part of a federal agency, Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act requires agencies to provide and maintain Assistive Technology for those with disabilities. This goes beyond those who are employed, extending to anyone who has access to your facilities.

However, even if your organization is not required to be 508 compliant, having this technology available allows you to be a part of a positive change toward equitable access to all.

Do You Need Help with Assistive Technology Implementation?

Our team at TCS Access is ready and able to help you make your business, organization, or federal facility a place where everyone can experience equitable access no matter what disability they have. A lack of resources should never stand in the way of someone being able to complete a task to their greatest ability. Do you have any questions about what we do or what you might need for your organization? Please let us know, and we’ll be happy to help.