Accessibility is essential for work and education. TCS Access strives to advance equitable access and compliance with the ADA. We provide consultation and services to support companies striving to advance organizational accessibility.

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Equal Access Consulting

TCS Access has first-hand, in-depth knowledge of what it means to be an organization equally accessible to all. As leaders in disability inclusion, employment, and workplace accessibility, we offer expert accessibility consulting services in two areas – organizational accessibility and reasonable accommodations.

Organizational Accessibility

At TCS Access, we believe if an organization’s media is not accessible, the organization is not accessible. We support organizations in all of their 508 accessibility and compliance needs, from document remediation to training staff how to create accessible documents and sustain accessibility across the organization.

  • Document Remediation
  • 508 Accessibility Testing
  • Section 508 Compliance Testing
  • Creating Accessible Documents Training
  • Website and Software Accessibility Testing
  • Accessibility Consulting on Website and Software Remediation

Workplace Personal Assistants

Our professional and highly qualified workplace personal assistants help employees with disabilities in performing essential job functions. They perform a variety of tasks including, but not limited to:

  • Human guide and navigation assistance
  • Reading inaccessible materials at high-level meetings, conferences, instructional seminars, and other professional settings
  • Note-taking
  • Assistance at job-related events
  • General office tasks needed to fulfill essential job functions

In addition to supporting essential job functions, we feel it’s necessary workplace assistants know the basic functionalities of the AT being used daily by the employee. Tasks such as aiding in the navigation of the Microsoft Office suite, assisting in electronic file structuring, and sorting of the consumer’s computer requires basic knowledge of the technology used daily.

Reasonable Accommodations

We support human resources and equal employment offices in their accommodation and accessibility initiatives including:

  • Disability Awareness Training
  • Human Guide Training
  • Creating as Employee Support Plan
  • Testing and Consulting on the Digital Environment

Are You Ready to Become an Equal Access Organization?

With our experience and knowledge, we will support your organization through the process to become 508 compliant. Contact us today to schedule a consultation to become 508 compliant. We can help you raise the bar.