At TCS Access, our services stretch well beyond consultations and Assistive Technology installations. To make sure everything is in proper working order, we also offer website and software accessibility testing to our clients. Do you have a goal to create an environment of equitable access at your business, organization, or school? Do you wish to see this extend to your website or software? Let the experts at TCS Access assist you.

What is Website and Software Accessibility Testing?

Many websites in the past have only been created without disabilities in mind. Navigation can be difficult for those who are deaf, blind, low vision, hard or hearing, and DeafBlind, as well as people who have cognitive challenges. When you turn to the experts at TCS Access, we will comb through your website and software to test them for proper accessibility.

Is there alt text included to describe the photos? Is navigation simplified or complicated? Can everything be accessed with only a keyboard? These are some of the questions we will be addressing during the testing phase.

Once we create an audit of your website or software, we will present our findings to you in an organized and easy-to-understand manner for an efficient analysis. We can then discuss important steps forward to make necessary changes to the content, layout, design, and functionality. After the consultation, we can make forward with implementation.

What Are the Benefits of Website and Software Accessibility Testing?

The goals of any software or website should include being as user-friendly as possible for everyone. At a surface level, many people unfortunately forget that what might be user-friendly for one person might not be so for someone else. At TCS Access, we want to make everything just as accessible for those with disabilities.

We Provide Support and Training!

Our services don’t stop once the initial implantation is complete. We also offer continued support and training so you and your team can have peace of mind that everything will function properly and you know how to use various types of Assistive Technology.

TCS Access has some of the best professionals in the business, so you can get the best support and training necessary for continued success. Whether you need help with a website accessibility issue or want your employees to know the ins and outs of AT, we’ll be by your side.

Do You Need Website and Software Accessibility Testing?

If you’re unsure if your website meets the standards of accessibility, please let the experts at TCS Access examine everything from top to bottom for the best recommendations. Being unable to use a resource due to oversight can be frustrating. We do everything we can to provide accessible platforms for everyone.

Ready to get started on the path to equitable access? Our team is ready and waiting to help in any way we can. Whether you need website and software accessibility testing or Assistive Technology installation, TCS Access is who you can turn to. Contact us today to begin with a consultation.