It’s one thing to have readily available technology, but it’s another to properly use it to reach your goal of providing an equitable access environment. At TCS Access, we have the same goal – providing all the tools necessary to create the opportunity to knock down all barriers. While these tools are an important first step, our team will take as much time as your team needs to fully understand the ins and outs of the Assistive Technology in your possession. When you work with us, know that you will be learning from the best of the best thanks to our expert DC B2B accessibility training.

The Importance of Training

While Assistive Technology can be extremely helpful, it is important that employees can fully understand how to operate it. When you make a purchase from TCS Access, you can also gain the benefit of our training services. Proper training will allow businesses to offer the most from AT. And the best part of our training is that it’s fully customizable to each business’s needs. We will review the AT being used and how it will be utilized, taking the proper steps toward a custom-tailored training approach for maximum benefit.  At TCS Access, there is no one-sized fits all approach. We will use our years of experience and skill to properly meet the needs of your business.

What We Do

After we come up with a customized training plan, we’ll get right to work training everyone on how to navigate certain devices, how to utilize certain features, and more. Some of the most common reasons those within your business might need training include:  Needing to relearn how to use a device after a software update (Some features might be in different locations or new features might be added) Integrating new AT into what is already being used Learning how to use a completely new system from the ground up  We can provide training on a wide variety of platforms. Some of them include:  Software such as JAWS and Dragon Software Various Assistive Technology devices Smart devices, including iOS and Android  Some of the topics you can expect to see include:  Using the Assistive Technology properly How the AT interacts with the business’s current software Useful techniques to get the most out of the AT

Continued Support

Our support doesn’t have to be a one-and-done service. We are happy to continue working with businesses on proper training for years to come. Whenever your business needs assistance, whether it be on a new piece of technology or training a new employee, our team at TCS Access is here for you.

Do You Need DC B2B Accessibility Training Services?

If you have made the important decision to utilize Assistive Technology in your business to become an equitable access company, we would like to help you further remove barriers with expert training from our skilled and knowledgeable team. Ready to get started? Please contact TCS Access today and we’ll be happy to get started with a custom training plan.