TCSAccess has fully shifted all MyAT services to remote platforms. In an era where remote work is commonplace and there are new and unique needs for Assistive Technology services, we have seen an increase in the demand of our MyAT services. MyAT encompasses a broad range of Assistive Technology services, from assessment and procurement to training. MyAT is a full-service offering to support and ensure equal access to employees with disabilities (EWD) in enterprise settings.

As the leader in Assistive Technology (AT) services for enterprises supporting their employees with disabilities, we recognize the challenges large, complex organizations face in the remote work environment.  Our years of experience partnering with complex Federal and corporate enterprises provides an integrated delivery model including the following service areas:

  • On-demand liaison between AT users and IT support
  • Training for EWD and other staff in the use of AT with collaboration tools to ensure equal access to meetings, file sharing, presentations, etc.
  • On-demand AT helpdesk support provided by AT specialists who understand the intricacies of AT and IT configurations
  • End user training in the use of AT and its interaction with complex, proprietary applications and systems to perform core job functions
  • Assessments for employees needing new or updated reasonable accommodations
  • Project management support for enterprise-wide system refreshes such as upgrading operating systems, Microsoft Office, SharePoint and/or other collaboration platforms

Joining MyAT

By joining MyAT, organizations can confidently ensure employees with disabilities are equal participants in these challenging, remote work times, supported by experts in the field of Assistive Technology.

MyAT has a tiered pricing structure, reflective of the level of support and training needed. These services can be purchased in the following manner:

  • Blocks of just in time hours
  • Blocks of monthly hours with a discount for purchasing 12 months
  • Full or part-time staff persons housed on-site or externally to assume the above roles

Supporting Employees with Disabilities Who Use Assistive Technology in the Enterprise - Webinar Series

Based on its decades long experience working in enterprise environments with EWD, management and Helpdesk support, TCSAccess is presenting a series of webinars to help enterprises understand the expertise and processes needed to fully support their employees with disabilities. 

In this webinar, TCS Access’ Director of Training, Jeff Ermold and Harris Rosensweig, Director of Accessibility will address best practices in supporting employees with existing disabilities and those who obtain disabilities while on the job who need or use AT. 

The webinar is provided at no cost but registration is required.