Google has an established presence in the field of education and its use in the private sector, as well as government agencies, is growing. As their industry presence expands, so too are their strides in building accessibility into their Google Suite of programs and Chrome browser. In order to maximize the use of all the accessibility features, Assistive Technology (AT) professionals, AT users and organizations need to have a deeper understanding of how these features work, especially with the use of Assistive Technology.

To this end, TCSAccess is providing a series of webinars,free of charge, as we are dedicated to the advancement of equal access and empowerment of persons with disabilities through the provision of tools and solutions aimed at fostering independence and productivity.

Configuring Chrome and Google Drive for Optimal Use by Screen Reader Users

This webinar will focus on tips on how to quickly navigate and configure the Chrome browser and how to setup and use various features in Google Drive all using keystrokes and a screen reader.

The following topics are covered:

  • Hotkeys for Chrome browser
  • Configuring Chrome
  • Optimizing Google Drive screen layout for the screen reader user
  • Keystrokes for navigating and performing various file management processes in Google Drive

You can view this webinar on our YouTube channel.

Google Docs and Screen Readers

This webinar will focus on configuring and using features of Google Docs with a screen reader and review several techniques to create accessible and usable documents. Participants will also learn how to share, comment, and collaborate with Google Docs.

The following topics are covered:

  • Describe how to configure Google Docs for effective use with screen readers
  • Create accessible Google Docs using keystroke commands
  • Navigate and edit documents with keyboard commands and a screen reader
  • Access the sharing, comment, and collaboration features with a screen reader

You can view this webinar on our YouTube channel.

Using Gmail and Google Calendar with Screen Readers

The third webinar on the accessibility of the G Suite, scheduled for this Thursday, August 27, 2020, we will review how to use Gmail in the "Standard View" and Google Calendar with a screen reader and Google keystrokes. Some knowledge of screen readers and how they interact with a web browser is helpful.

This webinar will cover the following topics:

  • How to access Basic HTML and Standard Views of Gmail
  • Description of Basic HTML and Standard View of the Gmail application and key differences between the two when using them with a screen reader
  • Review of basic email processes in Gmail using Google's keyboard shortcuts and when to use the virtual cursor
  • Configuring Gmail for the screen reader user
  • Overview of how to change calendar view, create, navigate between and edit events in Google Calendar.

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